Portfolio overview of the CTS

This diagram shows the networking activities of the CTS between the disciplines and clusters.

Overview of the Clusters:

  • Digital Society
    Digital transformation, e-health, robotics, etc.
  • Knowledge & Society
    Education, communication, research services, DS, etc.
  • Sustainable Society
    Green Energy, Smart City, Life Science, Care, usw.
  • Industry 4.0
    Robotics, innovation, engineering consulting
  • Ethics & Governance
    Ethics in digitalization, law, etc.
  • Overview of the Disciplines:

    • MINT
      mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology
    • GSK
      human sciences, social sciences, art
    • SAGE
      social work, health & care, education
    • WIWI
    • RECHT

    Data basis

    357 CTS contacts from all activities
    1 point = 1 contact


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