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Doctoral College:
(2023 – 2026)

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Doctoral College
STEAM - STEM - stART ´em
2023 – 2026

Contact: Hilda Tellioğlu (

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Management and coordination
Hilda Tellioğlu (TU Wien) and Rolf Laven (PH Wien)

TU Wien and PH Wien

Christine Hohenbüchler, University Professor, TU Wien
Tobias Kohn, Assistant Professor, TU Wien
Rolf Laven, Professor, PH Wien
Monika Musilek-Hofer, Professor, PH Wien
Hilda Tellioğlu, University Professor, TU Wien
Wolfgang Weinlich, Professor, PH Wien

The goal of the doctoral program is to identify the challenges of inclusive, meaningful, and effective STEM education and to address them through the innovative possibilities of the computer science/technology and art/art education disciplines. Particular attention is given to computer science instruction, which is often taught by non-subject teachers, makes an important contribution to digitization, but sometimes fails to adequately reach and motivate students.

The individual dissertation topics first survey the current state of the Austrian educational and school landscape and then derive new interventions with the help of innovative processes from computer science, art, and pedagogy in order to evaluate the further potential of various approaches.

Experts from both the TU Wien and the PH Vienna from STEM and art fields are represented in the consortium, which ensures a sustainable and in-depth supervision of the doctoral students. In addition, platforms for interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration already exist today, which allow for a longer-term exchange and will serve the doctoral students as a foundation for their own research.

Dissertation topics

The role of art and play in STEM teaching.
Using learning goal-oriented role plays to create new approaches and evoke a deeper engagement with the subject area.
Supervision: Christine Hohenbüchler (TUW), Tobias Kohn (TUW), Wolfgang Weinlich (PHW)

Art education in STEM classes
A curse or a blessing for the male-dominated STEM lessons.
Supervision: Tobias Kohn (TUW), Rolf Laven (PHW), Monika Musilek-Hofer (PHW)

Creative participation in computer science teaching
Innovation through design thinking and interaction with smart artifacts.
Supervision: Monika Musilek-Hofer (PHW), Hilda Tellioğlu (TUW), Wolfgang Weinlich (PHW)

Science and art, discursive, controversial
What is the effect of cooperation? What approaches are there and how can children and young people be brought closer to the burning issues of the future through cross-media, collaborative work?
Supervision: Christine Hohenbüchler (TUW), Rolf Laven (PHW), Hilda Tellioğlu (TUW)

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Time plan


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