Read about the mission and guidelines of our FU[TU]RE experts, formerly known under the name “TU All Inclusive”. Additional materials, media, and information are to be found here too.

Future Experts

Our Mission

We want to make the TU Wien attractive and accessible to young population groups in a sensitive way and thus promote inclusion and diversity at the TU Wien in the STEM subjects.

FU[TU]RE experts focuses on an increased cooperation of all committed employees in order to use synergies and to make the activities for technology and science education of the TU Wien more visible. For this purpose, we offer a platform to support each other, learn from each other and develop ideas to promote diversity at TU Wien.

On 31.05.2021 the successful launch event of our network took place. To read the aftermath in the TU News, please follow this link: Article (

Activites at TU Wien, where network partners are partly significantly involved.

Video recording of the event: Launch Event, May 31, 2021.


Why do we need this? (PDF)
How do we achieve this? (PDF)

Our Guidelines

– Better connect active actors in technology and science education at TU.
– Get more young people interested in STEM subjects at school and make them aware of the importance of innovation and technology.
– Sensitize decision-makers at the TU to the topic and involve them.
– Encourage young colleagues at the TU Wien and give them more room to develop.
– Liquefying prevailing stereotypes and living diversity.
– Strengthening the TU Wien community and identification with it.


If you are interested, please contact: