AAL Best Practice Scoping Review

Project Details

  • Consortium:


    FH St.Pölten Soziale Arbeit

    FH Campus Wien – Health Science

    FH Technikum – Medizininformatik

    Universität Wien - Soziologie

Project Contact Information

  • Hilda Tellioğlu, TU Wien


A Best Practice Scoping of curated national AAL studies in the last decade is created. The analysis aims at technological innovations being developed for fostering care, household and living sphere.

Outcome Summary

The majority of the AAL projects surveyed rated both the process and the output as good. Nevertheless, some AAL projects encountered problems that hindered the success of the project: Among other things, this was insufficient methodological know-how regarding the effective involvement of users during the project.

In terms of cooperation within the consortium, the AAL projects surveyed particularly emphasized communication and cooperation with different partners on an international level. Tips for future AAL projects were given in the short questionnaire as well as in the interviews by the participating project managers and business partners: They not only recommended the involvement of users in the project but also pointed out the importance of the right timing. Close and regular contact with the users as well as their involvement already in the application phase and beyond the end of the project is extremely useful.