Project Details

  • Consortium:

    TU Wien – Biochemical Engineering

    FH Technikum Wien - Packaging and resource management

    FH Campus Wien - Faculty Industrial Engineering

Project Contact Information

  • Maximilian Lackner, FH Technikum Wien


Collection and circulation schemes in the context of the automobile industry, the area of Europallets, reuseable bottles and rental linen (textiles for hotels) are being analyzed and compared.

The requirements for packaging various goods (regional vs. transcontinental, large / unwieldy vs. small, perishable vs. long-lived, etc.) are being collected. Further research probes the potential use of fleeces to protect products in transit with minimal space requirements.

Interviews of stakeholders, including ARA or similar system providers, disposal companies, service providers in the area of rental linen, manufacturers of products that need complex packaging, are planned. Furthermore, bioplastics based on Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) will be developed and tested with field trials.

Outcome Summary

With the CTS funding, the partners were able to write and submit a high-quality BBI application over the summer of 2020. The “BioNoWo” application is about a new type of packaging concept: circulation containers made of nonwovens, which are produced from renewable raw materials and are degradable. The consortium consists of 17 partners, the project volume for 4 years is € 7.8 million, of which 87% is requested EU funding (€ 6.8 million).

An immediate benefit from the CTS project is that the partners FH Technikum Wien (Faculty of Industrial Engineering), FH Campus Wien (Department of Packaging and Resource Management) and TU Wien (Bioprocess Engineering) got to know each other better and exchanged ideas on a regular basis. There is great interest and potential for further cooperation in the future, for example via joint bachelor and master theses and possibly further project applications.