Participation in the Digital Space

Project Details

  • Consortium:

    TU Wien – Raumplanung

    Universität Wien – Philosophie/Ethik

    FH Campus - Public Management

    FH Technikum – Statistik

Project Contact Information

  • Simon Andreas Güntner, TU Wien


The project aims at the creation of participative digital platforms and artifacts which provide fair and non-selective access to digital spaces for all citizens independent of socio-economic background, demographics or other social-structural features.

Outcome Summary

This interdisciplinary consortium investigated various existing online participatory platforms in Europe in the context of digital governance and community interaction. The aim was to better understand the human interaction and agency of citizens in a digital sphere and the subsequent response of platform operators and governing bodies. These explorations led to the development of a WWTF short proposal, which aimed to further explore how digital governance tools are developed and what critical aspects should be considered when setting up new digital tools for community interaction and social change. An initial empirical study and participatory methods were to be used to answer the defined research questions.


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