How 2 Summer School

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Project Details

  • Consortium:

    TU Wien, Center for Rural Areas, Research Department Regional Planning, Research Department Traffic Planning and Traffic Engineering

    University of Vienna, Institute for Geography and Regional Research

    FH Campus Vienna, Health Sciences

    FH Technikum Vienna, Quality and Degree Program Development

Project Contact Information

  • Isabel Stumfol, TU Wien


Financed by CTS and Land Salzburg, Summer School 21 “Zukunftsland Lungau - Innovation, Gender Arrangements and the Rural Area” took place from 15th to 29th August 2021. Along with content-related learnings regarding these topics on a scientific and practical level, experience was gained on how to run a transdisciplinary and regional Summer School. These experiences, examples and references are to be compiled in a purposeful way within the scope of this project. The final product is a digital guide that will enable prospective transdisciplinary Summer School teams to save time, energy and resources. Thus, such a guide will allow for a more intensive engagement with the thematic and substantive dimensions.

The research questions that this project is focusing on include:

– Which Learnings (knowledge and experience particularly on the organizational level) resulted from the preparation and implementation of Summer School 21 “Zukunftsland Lungau”?

– Which learnings are relevant for future transdisciplinary and/or regional Summer Schools?

– What experiences and recommendations have actors and partners (outside the organization team) made with Summer School 21 as well as for future Summer Schools?

Outcome Summary

These experiences, examples and templates have been elaborated within the framework of this CTS-funded project in 2022 “HOW 2 SUMMER SCHOOL”, in a way that future transdisciplinary Summer School teams can save time, energy and resources in the organisation and dedicate themselves more intensively to the content dimensions. The content was developed through document research & evaluation of Summer School 21, team meetings/workshops, individual interviews, group interviews and workshops. The result of this project is a digital handbook “HOW 2 SUMMER SCHOOL”.

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