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Innovation lab for digital inclusion (IDI)

Project Details

  • Consortium:

    Universität Wien – Institut für Bildungswissenschaft

    TU Wien – Automation and Control Institute (ACIN)

    TU Wien – Human Computer Interaction Group

    FH Technikum Wien – Data-Driven, Smart & Secure Systems

    FH Campus Wien – „Angewandte Politikwissenschaft“

Project Contact Information

  • Alexander Schmölz, University of Vienna


The aim of this participatory research project is to address the issue of when, where and why ‘one-size-fits-all’ premises, i.e. the assumption that the same digital solutions could solve everyone’s challenges to inclusion, will reach limitations in an inclusive context. In terms of content, based on theoretical considerations on inclusion and digitization, taking into account various dimensions (including legal, economic, political), a practice-relevant model for inclusive digitization for different fields of application (e.g. including school or economy / labor market) will be developed.

Outcome Summary

follows with the completion of the project