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History of thought and everyday practice of engineer's mentality in learning and teaching

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Project Details

  • Consortium:

    SBA Research gGmbH

    FH Campus Wien, Master IT-Security

    University of Vienna, Faulty of Computer Science, Cooperative Systems Research Group

Project Contact Information

  • Albert Rafetseder, University of Vienna


With the increasing digitalization of society and almost all areas of life, the scope of action, the role and the responsibility of computer scientists as experts and designers of these developments are also changing. While new technologies in science and the media are increasingly subject to critical and ethical reflections, the role of engineers in this development has still not been dealt with in detail. The project iMentality aims to fill exactly this gap and to deal with current role models and engineer-mentalities in an interdisciplinary way. For this purpose, philosophical foundations of these developments as well as everyday practice in the teaching of computer science will be researched. The goal of the project is an interdisciplinary look at prevailing trends and role models in computer science.

Outcome Summary

follows with the completion of the project