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Lectures for Future 2nd level

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  • Consortium:

    TU Wien – future.lab, Department for Geodesy and Geoinformation

    Universität Wien

    FH Technikum Wien - Ecotoxicology & Environmental Management

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Lectures for Future is an interdisciplinary series of lectures that started in the 2019 academic year and is already being offered at ten Austrian universities. In their commitment as Scientists for Future, researchers give insights into their scientific work on the climate crisis, the environment and society. The further development of the new, hybrid teaching and communication format is to be scientifically supported in the “Lectures for Future 2nd level” project. The aim is to examine the impact of the “Lectures for Future” on research and teaching and to work out parameters for successful innovation formation. Of interest are the implications of a reflective concept of “sustainability” in the context of interdisciplinary cooperation. The research team asks, among other things, what effect the format has on those involved, who the content has been able to reach so far and which target groups should also be reached - in the sense of a more efficient and fairer dissemination and co-production of knowledge about sustainable development.

Outcome Summary

The Lectures for Future have been successfully established throughout Austria in recent years as an innovative cross-university format for interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. In line with the goals of Education for Sustainable Development, current knowledge about the climate crisis as well as the issues of sustainability and sustainable development is incorporated into all cycles of academic teaching and selected topics are also made freely available on the website l4f.at. In this way, sustainability-oriented thinking and action is promoted among the generation of new students and future graduates. This also includes the strengthening of an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective and a better understanding of positions and approaches from other disciplines. In the spirit of the third mission, the Lectures for Future also contribute to the opening up of science, as well as to interaction within the higher education system and the research landscape. The accompanying study confirms the added value of the Lectures for Future for society as a whole as well as the positive response from course participants and guest lecturers.

Further Information

Website of the Lectures for Future (l4f.at)
Video contribution about the project Lectures for Future 2nd level (YouTube)
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