Model-based Support of Thyroid Diseases Treatment

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    TU Wien, Institute of Analysis and Scientific Computering, Research Group Mathematics in Simulation and Education; Responsible Research Practices

    FH Campus Wien, Competence Center for Applied Nursing Research; Department of Health Sciences, Competence Center INDICATION

    FH Technikum Wien, Department Computer Science

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The regulation of thyroid hormones is an emerging field of research since the control loop is not yet fully investigated. Due the resulting complexity in determining the individual drug dosage and the increasing number of thyroid diseases, a medical assistive device based on a mathematical model would reduce treatment time.
The thyroid gland, in conjunction with the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, forms a regulated system due to their mutual influence through hormones released. The equilibrium point of this system, the so-called set point, is individual, which means that determining the correct amount of medication to be administered to patients with hypothyroidism requires several treatment appointments and thus a long time. The long-term goal is to develop a medical assistance tool that determines the set point on the basis of previous measurements and makes a medication recommendation for a person in the sense of individualised medicine. Time-based mathematical models will be further investigated and validated and verified with existing data collected in the course of a retrospective study at AKH. Based on the selected main model, the development of an app to support medical staff is designed, which includes programming, ethical aspects and data-related factors. A large-scale study will be designed to evaluate the app in clinical practice.

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